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Monday, June 17, 2013

1st MT ridge photo taken in early June 2013

I call this mountain ridge MY MOUNTAIN because it is the view I see from home; the only view of mountains I see there. What a beautiful change from the last place we lived! It is not one of the many more majestic views in our area in NEPA, Northeastern Pennsylvania, but it is definitely mine. There are a plethora of emotions, views, activities that display daily around this mountain range across the river from us. Ive been pleasantly surprised at the beauty of the simplicity of this view, and its wondrous variety of simply mountain, tree, sky, sun, cloud, nature.
      I am attempting to document this, informally. I love telling stories with my art, but no words are required when the mountain, my mountain, speaks volumes in every moment. It exists. It endures. It is a creation of beauty in its reality.

Here's my first photo: It's sunset, early June 2013.

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