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Thursday, July 30, 2015

the sky tonight!

It was a tremendously humid day.

We've had record-breaking temperatures here in the NE of PA.

then.... AHHHHHH!

A beautiful sunset, with everchanging patterns and color combinations,
ending with purple accents on bluish-turning grey clouds.

Then the moon, almost full,
peeks out from behind the clouds.
hanging low in the sky.

good night moon!
GOOD NIGHT ALL! Sleep well.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Before you think it, or say it, Stop.

Open up to the peace inside you.

Help lift the clouds, ease the darkness.

Many people I know are facing difficulties lately.
seems like more than before.
dark clouds.
And many others seem to react more often with anger or fear.
more dark clouds.

I've been able to learn to pause,
block out all the noise, 
feel some peace and quiet.
happiness ~ JOY ~ sunshine

I said a prayer that each of us can can feel that same joy.
bright skies.
And share it with those we love, and with those we don't.
more bright skies.

This photo is a recent sunset. the clouds were beautiful... 
how they were lightening & brightening after a dark rainstorm,
letting the sun shine through before it lowered down behind my mountain.